Places and cities at longitude -153

Here you can find places on longitude -153. Below you will find all locations on the longitude -153, which are listed here. In addition, you will find the coordinates of the places at longitude -153.

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A total of 6 places were found at longitude -153.
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Larsen Bay (Lon: -153.9786111 | Lat: 57.54)Little River Lake (Lon: -153.6520889 | Lat: 57.7723387)Ocean Bay (Lon: -153.1769444 | Lat: 57.0827778)Old Harbor (Lon: -153.3038889 | Lat: 57.2027778)Submarine Lake (Lon: -153.6707073 | Lat: 62.5724397)West Augustine (Lon: -153.4460638 | Lat: 59.376685)